Designed for Surface Accessories

I’m often asked “where can I get a USB-C to HDMI cable for my Surface Pro 8 or 9 that will work” or “is there a properly fitting keyboard skin for my Surface Laptop to protect it”. Shopping for Surface accessories on the Microsoft Store for Business/Microsoft Store isn’t always the best way to find the correct video cable or find a skin to protect your Surface keyboard. While the Microsoft Stores have a good variety of accessories, nearly all the items are Microsoft Surface OEM items, made by Microsoft. It turns out that there are a large number of officially licensed accessories, designed for Surface and manufactured by third party vendors. There is a small write up at Licensed Hardware – Designed for Surface Program | Microsoft Learn which provides some information and links to the actual site Designed for Surface Catalog ( where these items are showcased.

The site is well organized and, not only can you search for accessories, but you can access by Device, Category, Industry and Manufacturer.

Tip: Be sure to drill down by category and then by device compatibility. I found a keyboard skin for my Surface Laptop Studio this way (just selecting Decorations and Skins yielded no results).

I found many items that others had recently asked me about, including a Cable Matters 2.5GB USB-C to Ethernet adapter and an interesting dock from Brydge for Surface Pro 8.

I did do a double take when I saw a 65W PD USB-C adapter from Anker for $4490, but when I drilled down, details showed “Only available in Japan (pricing in JPY Japanese Yen)”.

You don’t need to be a commercial or education customer to purchase items from the Designed for Surface site, and I’ll definitely be sending both business and consumer customers here.