Fixing PhotoShop CS5 Tiny Menus and Icons on Surface Pro 3


One more of my “this is driving me crazy” issues on my Surface Pro 3 is now resolved. I haven’t bought into Adobe Creative Cloud, even with the $10 a month special deal for photographers, mostly because I bought the stand alone LightRoom 4 and didn’t see Photoshop CS6 as being worth $10 a month. I was, however, miserable trying to use the tiny menus and toolbar icons in Photoshop CS5. Until today.

I read alot of online sites and forums, and after this past weekend, was making my Monday rounds and came across which lead to some reading, and and finally to and some pre-made files. I carefully examined the files and set a restore point on my SP3. I placed the external manifests in the proper folders and ran the registry file. Whoa!

You can click/tap the image below to enlarge it to full size 2160 x 1440 to see totally usable menus and toolbar icons.


I’m one happy camper. My thanks to “Scrambler” for this one.

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