Fitbit Devices Now Sync with Windows 8.1 Store App


Wow, just got a Windows Store Update for my Fitbit App. I figured it was XMAS and just maybe… (syncing with my favorite fitness tracker was one of the three big missing features on my Windows 8.x list, the others being a real Sonos controller and Quicken Mobile – which would be like Mint but sync with desktop Quicken – which may be coming, now that the Mint app has launched)

So I plugged the tiny Fitbit wireless sync dongle into first my Surface Pro, then my Surface 2, and finally into my new Nokia Lumia 2520 (using a USB to Go Host adapter) and the results were:




And yes, it can run in the background and sync automatically just as my iPhone does. I didn’t turn that on (yet) because I’m sharing this dongle among these three devices, but I will decide on which one to wmpower.



Thank you Fitbit folks for the holiday gift!

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