I thought my Surface Pro Died

As normal, I left my Surface Pro plugged in overnight. And yes, the white LED is lit.

When I tried to awaken it:


surfacepro died

The power supply WAS working. I plugged various things into the USB port on the brick and it is working. The LED tip is white as it should be.

I’d tried everything at http://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us/support/warranty-service-and-recovery/surface-pro-wont-turn-on and things like http://www.winrtsource.com/2013/01/16/microsoft-surface-wont-power-on-solution/

For whatever reason, after reading everything on the web about reviving Surface Pro’s, I tried one more thing.

I Held the power button down and pressed the volume UP button. Eureka. Crisis averted. Normal startup. I did a cold shutdown, reinserted the microSD card which I had pulled for trouble shooting.

The battery is not depleted:

surface is ok

Now, if someone from the Surface team can tell me what exactly happened here…

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