Fix for Facebook Forcing Surface IE to Mobile Site


Complaints have surface that folks attempting to go to are being force re-directed to (the Facebook mobile site). The folks at Facebook have made some change to browser detection that causes this redirect. Here are the steps to avoid the redirection and use the full site.

1. If you are using the Modern (Start Screen) version of Internet Explorer, close it and make sure it is not running.


2. Go to the classic desktop and open the desktop version of IE (do NOT go to the Facebook page).


3. Clear cached temp files:

a. Press the ALT key to display the menu bar if it is not shown

b. Select tools

c. Select Internet options (the bottom menu choice)


d. Select Delete




e. Insure that only the top two items are checked off as shown below and then select Delete.




f. When the delete process is finish you can select OK.

g. CLOSE Internet Explorer


4. Re-open the desktop version of Internet Explorer and navigate to (the home.php is required).


5. Open the Tools menu again (press ALT if the menu bar is not visible) and then select Compatibility View settings



6. should already be displayed. Select Add.



You now should be able to use the full desktop version of the Facebook site without being re-directed. )Note: Facebook will prompt you to upgrade your browser or switch to their mobile site, which you can ignore).

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