Add the Undo icon back to Windows File Explorer in Windows 8.1


I regularly see folks asking “where did the Undo button go in Windows 8.1”. Following is a simple usability tweak to add this functionality back.

By default Windows File Explorer in Windows 8.1 doesn’t display the Undo (or Redo, Rename, etc.) icons:

wheres undo

So when you move a file and then change your mind, you have to work a little harder to undo this. The icons aren’t visible for Undo or Redo.

You need to find the teeny tiny drop down arrow and one by one, add in the commands that you want displayed all the time.

add undo

Once you do this, you’ll see (if you look carefully) grayed out icons:

greyed out

For better visibility, you can select the drop down again and then Show below the Ribbon:


below ribbon

And after you move a file, etc. you’ll see the Undo icon light up:



lit up

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