Technet Windows Forum Reader App Released

After creating a Modern UI App for the Windows and Surface Communities, I decided that it would help me keep up with current topics in Windows if I created a similar app for Microsoft’s Technet Windows Forums.

Coming from a world of text based NNTP news readers, I missed the speed of quickly scanning through Windows topics that I previously enjoyed. I created these programs after Microsoft discontinued the backend for a NNTP Bridge program created by MVP’s which resulted in the loss of a fast way to browse and help out in the forums. I hope others find them useful.

My Technet Windows Forum Reader relies on feeds provided by Microsoft, which is currently limited to 20 articles per specified target.

Because this is a feed based app, new posts/replies need to be made in the web browser. To view an entire thread, view an individual article and then select the hyperlink which will open in Internet Explorer so you can participate fully.

Microsoft sends items to a feed based on activity, which included replies, edits, marked as answer – any change made. The feed display reflects this.

The app is available at




Main Program View

landscape main screen





Snapped View with Internet Explorer thread view

snapped subjects on left ie right

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