My two apps are in the Windows 8 Store


I’ve been hooked on “touch friendly” web sites since I first started using Onswipe to display my blog on the iPad. When Windows 8 came along with the new Start screen and tile interface, I started thinking about the possibilities for Windows users with touch/tablet devices. Along the way, I enabled an Onswipe connection for some of the blogs hosted on which is home to a variety of blogs authored and maintained by Microsoft MVPs. It seems like a logical move to find a way to offer a similar experience for Windows 8 users, especially those who will, in the near future, be using new Surface and other tablet devices.

I had to dust off old and forgotten JavaScript skills, but managed to find my way through the project and get the app finished. Last week, I submitted it to the Windows Store for certification, and am happy to say it is now at Release 2.


You can view this app at

While I was getting the MSMVPs Blog Reader app ready, I decided to put together a similar app just for one of my own blogs. This app is also now available in the Windows Store



You can view this app at