Building a Windows 8 UI Blog Reader


Some of the best blogs authored by Microsoft MVPs are hosted on and I had this wild and crazy idea to attempt build a Windows 8 Metro App to grab the RSS feeds to showcase these blogs. I know a little Javascript and CSS and figured the worst that could happen was that I would fail miserably and the best that could happen was that I’d actually succeed in making an app.

Microsoft makes the RP version of Visual Studio Express and Blend available for free and I found some sample code on MSDN. I learned a LOT. I built the app. What I need now is one of those elusive Registration Codes for the Microsoft App Store so I can register as a legit developer, give them $50, and submit the app (free, of course) so others can use it. If anyone knows where I can get the invite only registration code, PLEASE, send the info my way.

Until such time as the app is available for download, below is a preview of the various screens and components.

The launch tile (large):



The launch tile (small):


The Splash Screen:



The main content screen listing (14 so far) blogs:



The split screen listing an individual blog’s entries and the content for the selected entry:



If I can build an app, ANYONE can build an app.

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