DIY Home Security Part 2 – Configuring Motion Alerts

The heart of my home security system is motion detection and alerts. As I mentioned in the first post, I selected Blue Iris software as a desktop controller. It more than compensates for the shortcomings of the surveillance alert features that are missing from the D-Link camera and for the poor D-Link (free) Windows software supplied with the cameras (D-Cam View). For reasons I don’t understand, the more expensive DCS-942L camera does not have an email motion alert function. The less expensive DCS-932L does, but it is pretty limited.















The image above show the D-Link email setup.

In contrast, Blue Iris has plenty of choices for alerts. Obviously a computer has to be on 24/7 to use the Blue Iris controller (or the D-Link Windows software).

Blue Iris:

Here’s an email alert I received when I opened my front door:

I’ve set the system up to send me two frames/snapshots, and this number is user configurable. The system can run independent alert schedules for each camera, too.
The Blue Iris desktop controller is exceptional and the author is always adding features and improvements.

Once my four cameras were set up, from the server computer, I have a complete view of everything:

Double click a view and see a larger image:

Right click an image in either view and a shortcut menu appears. Select camera properties to configure features like alerts, etc.

I’m very happy with the combination of D-Link camera and Blue Iris, but set up is not trivial. Up next, camera and network configuration, dynamic DNS, and port forwarding.