ASUS Netbook, W7, MCE and Digital TV

Started with a ASUS 1000HEB EeePC (Best Buy sells this, got it on sale for $299). Upgraded to 2 GB RAM, swapped out the hard drive for a 7200RPM 320GB Momentus drive and installed W7 clean. All the drivers were either inbox or on the ASUS site. Max Volar tuner driver was on WU.

They say a picture is worth 10,000 words. So I’m saving 20K words with two pictures.

Bottom line: My EeePC (1000HEB) is running W7, and plugging in my MaxVolar Hybrid USB tuner yields just what I expected. Awesome..





The screen on the Netbook is actually quite good. Not sure what this will do to battery life 😉

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