High End Alienware OCUR/DCT PC is Coming

I’m still very happy with My Velocity Micro Home Theater dual OCUR machine. And I still recommend this one to anyone who asks about Media Center High Def support.

Alienware is apparently entering the market on the super high end side with a dual OCUR machine. Cost unknown. Here’s a quote from Cedia News:

Shortly, Alienware will be delivering a higher-end Media Center product with CableCard capabilities and other premium features that are best sold through specialists.

The product has yet to be named but we know it will come standard with four swappable hard drive bays for up to 4 TB off storage. A Blu-ray option will be available, as well as an option for distributing audio to four separate zones.

“You could put it in a party mode where all rooms get the same audio,” says Kaminski.

The high-end Media Center will accommodate two CableCards via internal receivers.”

This looks to be an enhancement to the Hangar 18 HD computer, based on the AMD Live platform.

More info is here


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