Hey, Acer CEO – YOU are Part of the Vista Problem

Gianfranco Lanci, you’re an uninformed CEO if you don’t know that the disappointment is in YOUR company’s lack of driver support, unintelligible support and download site. How can you state:

“While the industry had waited for years for Vista, the software was not really ready when it was launched to great pomp at the start of this year” when your company has done so little itself?

Don’t blame Microsoft. You’ve had more than enough time to join the party.

Yes, my Ferrari 5000 runs like a dream under x64 Ultimate, but my Ferrari 4000 is still missing updated drivers for the pccard controller and media reader/card slot. Yeah, the 3 year old ones from XP x64 still work, sorta, almost.

The word “schmuck” comes to mind.

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