HP TX1000 – Get the Fingerprint Reader Option!

HP’s TX1000 series Entertainment (Tablet PC Convertible) has one feature that deserves a post of its own. An embedded fingerprint reads (Authentec AES 1610) can be found on the left side of the screen, and coupled with the Bioscrypt Verisoft Access Manager software, this a a very cool and functional convenience tool. Note that I don’t consider this to be a security feature. I think that HP will agree that this was not the intent of including a fingerprint reader device and that their mission was to provide a multimedia entertainment device with bells and whistles to make it really stand out. I think they’ve succeeded.

I love the convenience of not having to store passwords and logons for all the places I visit on the web that demand that you create logins. (And I’m annoyed everyday by websites that force you to create logins which I know serve no other purpose than to generate mailing lists. I use mailinator.com for one time throw away addresses. I receive the “authentication” email there and never use the address again.) The problem is how to keep track of all of these individual and unique logins. Some can be stored (cookies) when a website offers to keep you logged in or offers a “remember me” option. There are lots of ways to handle this, but one thing makes sense: if you’re using a pc in tablet mode, there’s no easier way to login or enter a password than using a fingerprint reader. This is a combination that makes a lot of sense to me. (And it makes sense when using the pc in notebook with keyboard mode, too, especially if you tend to fat finger these things as I frequently do.)

Kudos to HP for including this functionality in a non business entertainment computer. The convenience makes this a must have option. If you decide to purchase a TX1000 series notebook and customize on the HP website, be sure to include this option.


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