Here’s How I did it – Mac MCE

Ingredients – MCE 2005 CD’s from MSDN (or NewEgg or other source), Nero 6, DVD+R, DVD Burner

With thanks to Doug Knox – this was a collaborative effort!

1) Create a Directory on your hard drive named macmce
2) Copy both CD’s to this directory
3) Search for txtsetup.sif in this directory and open it with notepad. Change all %cd2name% to %cdname% (i.e., remove the “2”)

4) Download the file named xpboot.bin from and extract it from the ZIP file.

It does not need to be in the same folder as the files from the ISO’s.

5) Open Nero 6 and create a new DVD-ROM (Boot) compilation.

    a) On the Boot tab, select the Image File radio button and point it to the xpboot.bin file you downloaded earlier.
    b) Check the box Enable expert settings.
    c) For Kind of emulation, select No Emulation.
    d) On the boot tab, leave the Load segment of sectors at 07C0.
    e) On the boot tab, change the number of loaded sectors to 4.
    f) On the Label tab, in the ISO 9660 box enter WB2PFRE_EN

    No other changes should be necessary in the New Compilation dialog.
6) Click the New button on the compilation dialog.

7) Drag the files you copied to your hard drive into the left pane of the window. 

8) Burn and install!

9) Go to Windows Update and get all the updates until there aren’t any left to install. This puts you at MCE UR2 level.

You’ll need a DVD Decoder and an external USB tuner. I used the Adaptec 3610 Dual Tuner and the software that came with the USB tuner or that you download from the web. The Adaptec came with a CD software.

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