Linksys is having a fire sale on the Media Center Extender model DMA-2100 – 50% off the original $300 unrealistic price.  Don’t get me wrong, for $150, if you have a Vista PC and need an extender that is significantly quieter than an Xbox 360, this is a good deal.  It has dual band wireless but does not have a TOSLINK digital audio port, only the COAX digital audio is present on this device.

Note that now that this is officially discontinued, there definitely won’t be firmware updates to provide additional codec compatibility. This would seem to mean that the more expensive DMA-2200 (has an on board DVD player that isn’t all that great but does have the Toslink port) probably won’t see firmware updates either.

This is a V2 extender that works with Vista and Windows 7.  Note that Linksys (and everyone else) also killed of their V1 extenders, which worked only with Windows XP Media Center Edition.


All things considered, as long as you understand you are buying a discontinued product, this is a pretty good deal. I suspect that the price may drop even further as time goes on.

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  • Jezz says:

    Hey everyone, can’t believe the extenders are being discontinued, by the sounds of it with no upcoming replacement. I already have a DMA2200 and was about to buy a DMA2100 for my office (i don’t need a DVD player). My DMA2200 seems pretty reliable so i don’t mind there being no more firmware updates (well obviously i’d rather there were!), however i found a website that says because the DMA2100 has 2 antenna’s to the DMA2200’s three antennas, it has significantly worse wireless quality. Can anyone confirm if this is true, because if it is i might just buy another DMA2200 instead? Also if anyone knows if they are bringing out replacements that would be great?

    Thanks everyone,


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