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Set Up Windows 8 Autologon

Do you have a Windows 8 desktop and want to bypass having to login and all the extra keystrokes?

Basically, you can set up auto logon the same way as you did on prior Windows versions. Here are the steps:

1. Open a command prompt. You can do this from the start screen by typing in cmd. CMD.EXE will display. Right click it and then click Run as administrator


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Windows 8–Liking the People App

I’ve been having mixed feelings about Windows 8 on a desktop. I hate the navigation using mouse and keyboard and dislike the stark switch between Metro and the classic desktop when I start a classic app from the Metro Start menu. It is jarring to say the least.

I love the idea of Live Tiles and the constantly updating information, although I don’t think it is suitable for privacy reasons when your device is in a public place. Yes, I know you can turn off a Live tile, but then what is the point.. I don’t want my email and other personal stuff shared only with friends on Facebook seen by passers by.

With respect to the Metro App “previews”, I am disappointed with the incompleteness and buginess of the various media apps – Music – Photos – Video. And as far as Metro’s Mail App goes, the omission of IMAP and POP connectivity is troubling. It is unclear if this is just unfinished or a design decision.

The app I like the best (though it needs work) is the People app. It does seem to bring everything together seamlessly. I wish you could add social networks without connecting them to a Microsoft/Live ID. This could be a Flipboard for Windows type app if the user could add all types of networks and RSS feeds.

I love the way People displays images in What’s New. 



And I also like the way individual Facebook posts are displayed with comments and likes, along with the ability to post a comment.


I haven’t figured out how to post a NEW entry/status update/photo to Facebook/Twitter from this app. This feature needs to be added.

Windows 8 on my iPad

Sort of. Thanks to Splashtop streamer and the iPad mobile client.


I was a little frustrated as all my existing RDP clients on my iPad (Logmein, VNC RDP, etc. would only show me a black desktop). I ask the Splashtop folks via Twitter if their product ($4.99 in the app store, at least for now) would work with Windows 8 and received a “yes”.

So, now I am up and running with Windows 8 on an iPad. Still experimenting, but at least I can see the Metro desktop and navigate.

Windows 8 CP Installed on Eee PC Netbook

My old ASUS Eee 1000HEB PC had been running the Windows 8 Developer Preview and I decided to see if I could “upgrade” it to the Windows 8 Consumer Preview via the web installer. I had previously performed some hacks to fix the problem of only 1000 x 600 screen resolution in order to get Metro Apps to work. I used an Intel video driver that I downloaded from Samsung:

I also used a registry hack on the Developer Preview:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

The above gave me full functionality but a slightly skewed screen resolution. Nevertheless, the EeePC happily, albeit slowly, ran the W8 Developer Preview.

I decided to try the web installer from

The installer told me my devices were ok and I was able to get completely through setup using the Express route. Note that I did have a failure and a roll back when I tried the Customized route. Not sure why, but the end result was that I was able to install the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 on my old and dusty ASUS EeePC for testing purposes. After Windows 8 came up for the first time, I immediately installed the video drivers, then ran the reg file (not sure if this is actually needed, but…). Then I rebooted, and then changed the desktop screen resolution to 1152 x 864 which gave me full Metro functionality including apps. Images below illustrate this success story:





Windows 8 Interface Looks Slick,but Where is Multimedia Functionality?

Yesterday Microsoft finally pulled back the curtain just a little to give the world a peek at the touch interface for Windows V.Next.


The “Start” Screen is “swipable” and apparently every app on your system will appear as a tile. I like this concept a lot (and hope that there is an easy way to search for apps if there are hundred’s installed to avoid scrolling through an ungainly number of pages (thinking of my iPad…). The “snap” feature appears to allow two apps to switch focus (but only two) which is cool for a tablet interface, but I am not sure if that works for me on a desktop/laptop used for mainstream work with multiple apps open all the time. I guess we will find out in time. But for a tablet format, I vote YES.


In some ways, the interface reminds me of Windows Media Center. But speaking of WMC, while this first demo touched on Pictures and Videos, I didn’t see any TV functionality in the screens that quickly scrolled by in the presentation. There are a lot of missing pieces, and I hope Microsoft reveals info soon.

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