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Surface Pro (2017)

For me, this is a dream machine

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Multi Factor Authentication App Backup and Usage Strategies
Change Your Hue Light
Colors with Alexa
Microsoft Authenticator
2 Factor Authentication

Microsoft Authenticator helps keep me safe. The baddies are out there, and I know my logins are protected. Easy to setup and a real pleasure to use!

Turn on your lights when Dona Sarkar tweets a new #flight for Insiders
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Sony DRM Troj/RKProc-Fam and Troj/Stinx disinfection instructions

Sophos: Troj/RKProc-Fam and Troj/Stinx disinfection instructions

Troj/RKProc-Fam and Troj/Stinx disinfection instructions

Resolve is the name for a set of small, downloadable Sophos utilities designed to remove and undo the changes made by certain viruses, Trojans and worms. They terminate any virus processes and reset any registry keys that the virus changed. Existing infections can be cleaned up quickly and easily, both on individual workstations and over networks with large numbers of computers.

This version of the tool detects and disables the Sony DRM cloaking copy protection technology (which Sophos refers to as Troj/RKProc-Fam). It also detects and disables other Trojans, including Troj/Stinx variants, which are stealthed by Troj/RKProc-Fam. “..

Sony “Rootkit” and DRM “Removal”

UPDATE- Link to download removal tool is at

Sony BMG and First 4 Internet have just released an update that will completely
remove the rootkit based DRM content protection software and replace it with a
non-rootkit DRM technology that is compatible with all current security
protocols. To ensure the security of your system, please visit their software
update website to obtain and install Service Pack 2 at:

If after this update, you still wish to uninstall our software, please visit the
form below using the computer where the software is currently installed and you
will be emailed an uninstall link within 1 business day (M-F).

TIP: Our uninstall request form will require a small ActiveX plug-in
        (from First 4 Internet). Be sure to also temporarily turn off any
        pop-up blocker software. Although a non-ActiveX process is in
        development, currently, our online process is the only option.
        Should you prefer to wait for the next uninstallation version,
        one is due to be released later this month at:

Thank you for the opportunity to be of assistance.

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