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BillG CES 2007 Keynote

Great stuff coming, Dreamscape desktop, Live for PC’s (gaming), a great Photo editing Ultimate Extra for Vista Ultimate. And another peak at the home of the future 5-6 years from now with interactive walls and more.

WPA hack for the MN-740 game adapter

I’ve been struggling with whether or not to post the link to the information that enables you to add WPA to a Microsoft MN-740 game adapter by turning it into an unsupportable quasi D-Link DGL-3420.

As a Microsoft MVP I pursued every channel available to me for an extended period to attempt to convince MS to do the work (or contract it out) to upgrade this device to WPA-PSK. It would not have taken a huge amount of work or effort.

As a near militant proponent of WPA to replace laughable WEP encryption, I’ve decided to post the link to the information.

Here are the disclaimers:

1. I don’t condone this hack

2. You will void your warranty

3. Microsoft won’t support you

4. I won’t support you

5. You could brick your device and have to throw it out (if you do, buy the real D-Link DGL-3420, it’s awesome)

6. Reverse engineering is illegal according to many EULA’s

7. It may not work

8. Anything else I can’t think of at the moment

9. I’m not taking responsibility

If you read this far, here’s the link,13360873

Using the Xbox 360 as an Extender Rocks!

I’m really enjoying the Media Center Extender functionality of my new Xbox 360. Last night I was watching Crimson Tide (one of my favs) on the MCE Always Ready computer in my bedroom. Couldn’t keep my eyes open so paused it and grabbed eight hours sleep. This morning, I finished watching the movie with morning coffee in my living room. Resumed from right where I’d left off. Here you can see that I’ve selected the Media Blade on my Xbox 360 and the connection is automatically made to the host MCE 2005 machine. I select Crimson Tide from the list and am offered the option to Resume (yeah!). The quality is stunning streaming over my wireless network.

Access Media Blade

Contacting MCE Host

Resume Movie

Watching Crimson Tide

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