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High Fashion Accessories for Fitbit Flex

I’ve loved my Fitbit Flex since the day it launched. I ordered and use the wristband pack and the pink band, but when all is said and done, these bands aren’t aesthetically what I’d call jewelry and they don’t blend nicely with the other accessories I wear. And to be honest, the bands look out of place on an evening out.

Today Fitbit and Tory Burch announced that accessories are coming that should solve my “I’m all dressed up but this fitness band looks out of place” issues. I can’t wait.


You can sign up to be notified when the accessories are available.

Fitbit has, in my opinion, the best of all worlds in its Flex tracker. Fitbit has released a Windows 8.1 Store App (which none of the other fitness tracker companies have yet done) and the company stands behind their excellent product with great support. The coming availability of these fashion enclosures gives them a leg up on the competition.

Fitbit Devices Now Sync with Windows 8.1 Store App


Wow, just got a Windows Store Update for my Fitbit App. I figured it was XMAS and just maybe… (syncing with my favorite fitness tracker was one of the three big missing features on my Windows 8.x list, the others being a real Sonos controller and Quicken Mobile – which would be like Mint but sync with desktop Quicken – which may be coming, now that the Mint app has launched)

So I plugged the tiny Fitbit wireless sync dongle into first my Surface Pro, then my Surface 2, and finally into my new Nokia Lumia 2520 (using a USB to Go Host adapter) and the results were:




And yes, it can run in the background and sync automatically just as my iPhone does. I didn’t turn that on (yet) because I’m sharing this dongle among these three devices, but I will decide on which one to wmpower.



Thank you Fitbit folks for the holiday gift!

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