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Surface Pro 3 Purchased in USA – Wireless May not Work Outside North America


I’ve been involved in a couple of threads on Microsoft communities like which highlight and issue that Microsoft doesn’t seem to care about.

While the majority if wireless routers and AP’s in Europe and Asia by default are set at channels 1-11 for the 2,4 GHz band, additional higher power channels 12-14 are optionally available. Many private organizations and companies utilize this. I don’t know the situation with public WiFi abroad, but I suspect the configuration may vary, depending on the provider. I’m certainly hearing from afflicted users like this one from Germany:


germany 802.11d



If you read the above referenced thread, you can draw your own conclusions, but as *I* read the available information, Microsoft owes folks a localized optional driver.

I’d love to hear from afflicted users on Twitter. @barbbowman

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