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Get Hue or LIFX light alerts for Dona Sarkar Build Tweets

If you’re a hard core Windows Insider, you’ll want to be one of the first to know when new Insider Builds are available for download and corresponding blog posts go up. You can always watch @donasarkars Twitter stream (and check the hints that builds are coming in images she posts), but if you have Hue or LIFX connected bulbs, you can use IFTTT to set up an Applet (used to be called a recipe) to get a visual alert.

Dona has graciously agreed to include a new hashtag #flight when she tweets notifications about builds.

It is really easy to set up the IFTTT piece, and you will need to enable the Hue/LIFX integration by signing into your account if you haven’t already connected it to IFTTT.

The IF trigger action is Twitter, New Tweet from Search. Just paste from:donasarkar #flight into the field provided. For the THAT action response, select the Hue or the LIFX service and then determine what you want your lights to do (lots of options here).

If you want to be alerted every time Dona users the hashtag #windowsinsiders, you can create an Applet that uses a trigger action from:donasarkar #windowsinsiders.

Enjoy! Let me know on Twitter @barbbowman if these work for you.


Bluetooth Setup Work Around for 15031 Insiders Build (Use Dynamic Lock)

If you didn’t pair your cellphone before installing 15031, there’s a work around using the legacy control panel. Many want to test the cool new Dynamic Lock feature, but since the Settings App, Devices functionality is broken, think they need to wait for a new build.

Nope. The legacy control panel is still there and can be used to get Bluetooth devices paired.

1. Type Control in the Cortana Search field and open Control Panel

2. Change Category to Small icons if needed


3. Select Devices and Printers


4. Select Add a device


5. Verify your phone is in discoverable; it should appear in the Add a device list. Select it and then select Next.


6. Your phone and the Add a device window should display the same code. Select yes in Add a device and select Pair on your phone.



7. Wait a minute or so while files are installed.



8. Voila! Paired phone is now visible in Devices and Printers



9. Last step is to go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options and toggle Dynamic lock to “on”



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