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Barb Bowman’s Resume


Product Development Managing Engineer  in Communications, Internet, Tech.
Qualifications Profile_____________________________________

Senior Product Testing and Deployments Engineer with extensive experience in multiple technologies including broad-based telecommunications, the “connected home”, and Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Security. Respected technology writer. An out of the box thinker, energetic and results driven leader who embraces the challenges of the unknown “V.Next” technology. Committed to high standards, and achieving cost effective and consumer pleasing results. Always on the forefront of emerging technologies.

March 2010-September 2010

Contractor, Comcast (Corporate Product Engineering): Responsibilities include hardware and software testing, vendor liaison.

July 1997-December 2009    Comcast Cable
Lead Engineer/Trial and Test Engineer, Comcast North Central Division: Responsibilities included hardware and software testing, liaison with Corporate partners and vendors on new product development/deployment/roll outs, field soaks, identifying employees for testing projects, designing test plans and coordinating results to roll up to Corporate partners and vendors. Subject matter expert on Home Networking, Wi-Fi, Windows Operating Systems, Connected Home technologies.
Product Development Manager, Comcast North Central Division/Boston Region: same responsibilities as above, title change only.
1990-1996    Prodigy Services Company    White Plains NY
Contractor: worked on multiple applications and projects under multiple contracts. Performed software testing for nearly every application developed for end users. Participated in design decisions for new initiatives. Helped develop the first web browser which used a NAPLPS to TCP protocol. Technical Writing: Developed help systems for first Personal Web Pages for end users, Winhelp for web browser, authored help for offline email application and forums reader. DOS/NAPLPS help for a variety of embedded apps (financial, sports, support forums). Wrote test plans, ran user forum as “board leader”.
1977-1990    Brewster Wallpaper Corp    Boston MA
Career Highlights_________________________________________

As a long term independent contractor to Prodigy Services in the early 1990’s, tested multiple applications and provided development guidance for Prodigy Services, ranging from email, HTML authoring and forum applications to financial stock and news, a web browser and external applications ( such as Email Connection)that integrated with the online service, balancing multiple projects and priorities. Tested in end to end development systems and production and successfully launched a number of projects. As Prodigy moved toward a native TCP/IP environment, worked on adapting several proprietary apps for the native environment.

As part of the team that introduced the first wireless home networking product to MediaOne customers (an early pre standard 802.11 product) I pioneered a deployment and support model and subsequently was a leader in deployment/testing of the standards based 802/11 b/g/n home networking products. As the person who changed the product definition for High Speed Internet installation, I brought USB to Ethernet to the company. I worked with Peracom, who had the first to market USB to Ethernet device, to introduce USB to Ethernet to MediaOne and later with CATC. This was adopted nationally and resulted in improved installation efficiencies as well as widening market opportunities.

As the vision of a connected home emerged, I became involved with Microsoft technologies such as UPnP and Windows Connect Now (WCN) and helped a major home networking vendor in bringing these technologies to the consumer market through testing and demonstrations of real world use. Subsequently invited by Microsoft to write a regular column and author webcasts for home users to showcase/explain emerging technologies in the home networking and digital media realms.

During a 12+ year period while working for Comcast/AT&T Broadband/MediaOne, developed test plans and led test efforts for multiple major provisioning system changes and regional migrations. As part of the product deployment and testing team for the initial DOCSIS conversion and subsequent D2, D3 and telephony rollouts, consistently identified show stopping issues and worked with vendors towards resolution to facilitate launch.

As a software tester for Comcast et al, engaged with a diverse group of product developers to test applications (including mail, personal web pages, antivirus, installation CD’s, new operating systems) was on the forefront of development efforts and part of multiple teams responsible for successful product launches and enhancements.

Key Recent Accomplishments_______________________________

Comcast N Wireless Router: Provided testing services for router performance in end user environment and QA’d Installation CD for product designed to be made available to every High Speed Internet customer. Worked with vendors identifying defects and testing iterative fixes toward successful launch of product in November 2009. Wrote test plans and supervised employee testers.

Comcast Home Networking: Performed same functions as above (additionally worked with vendors on Comcast specific training materials for installers, customer care, and marketing; conducted train the trainer sessions). Successful launch October 2008.

ACG-905(Multiservice DOCSIS/EMTA/Wireless Router device): Leader on testing efforts that uncovered Sev 1 product defects. Worked with vendor and Corp teams to triage and test iterative fixes. Wrote and supervised test plan for employee testers.

DOCSIS 3.0 Launch: Leader for Comcast North Central Division DOCSIS 3.0 modem testing. Uncovered Sev 1 defect 6 days from launch that resulted in switch of launch vendor. Successful Division launch in 2008 continuing through 2009. As a result, was nominated for Circle of Success as part of roll out team.

Technical Publications_____________________________________
Six years consumer writing for Microsoft:


References are available on request

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